About us
Margalite is a young trendsetting designer.
She brings to the forefront innovative bold designs which
incorporate Jewish motifs such as Hamsas, Jewish stars, and Chais.
Inspired by art and jewelry throughout the ages, Margalite
endeavors to merge contemporary with traditional,
which gives her jewelry a unique look.

Catering to the tastes of her younger sisters resulted
in the creation of the Childrens Collection. Her mother is a constant
source of inspiration. Designing jewelry for women
of all ages is Margalites goal.

The Deco Hamsa necklace has a definite Art Deco flavor,
featuring subtle geometric patterns and interesting color contrasts.
The Margalite necklace is bursting with vivid gemstones.
Beautiful glass adorns the Mezzuzah necklace.

Allowing her imagination to run wild, her creations reflect
a young take on traditional themes.